The Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund, Inc is a Code Section 501(c)(3) organization. The official registration and financial information of Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund, Inc may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

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Sponsorships - Kyle Pagerly Memorial
Deputy Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund, Inc. - Commemorating the life and service of Deputy Kyle Pagerly
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The Following Donations Have Been Made by the Organization

1. $750 for Purchase of two heat alarms for police K9 teams through 1 boy 4 change.
2. Continued donation to Corps Fitness “Call to Action” and “Badge 27”programs These programs improve the health and fitness levels of first responders.
3. $2,625 for Purchase of nine additional heat alarms for police K9 teams through 1 boy 4 change.
4. $5,000 donation to Sinking Spring Police Department for various equipment including: Blackhawk dynamic entry kit, Condor gunner plate carrier (x3), curved shooters cut AR500 body armor with fragmentation protection (x3), Curved Rectangle back plate AR500 body armor with fragmentation protection (x3), Partiot 3 shield NIJ level 3A flex shield (x2), LE6920/Law Enforcement Carbine 16” barrel, Semi-Auto, 223 Rem, Matte Black Rifle
5. $7,830 donation to South Heidelberg for five Remington AR15 rifles, vehicle mounts, and installation.
6. $742 donation to Shillington Fire Company for two blowhard fan misters
7. $800 donation to Mohnton Fire Company for gas engine full trash pump, PVC discharge Hose, and TN630 tool.


Give back to your community and help keep your local law enforcement, fire, and first responders in top shape by supporting the Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund 501c3 tax deductible entity EIN# 45-2672173. 100% of donations help fund the Operation Badge 27 program.


For additional sponsorship information, Call Us or Email Us.

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For additional sponsorship information, Call Us or Email Us.

What is Operation Badge 27?

Law enforcement and first responders are careers that the public depends on to protect them from danger. The ability to perform occupational duties while wearing heavy gear and possibly a breathing apparatus is paramount to public safety, and requires a high level of fitness to achieve.

Mission Statement

The organization will identify and support the development and needs of first responders in furtherance of their continued service and protection of the community as well as generate revenue for first responder organizations that are in need of funding.

Operation Badge 27

This program is offered in memory of fallen Berks County Sheriff Kyle Pagerly and was started through partnership between Alecia Pagerly, Kyle’s wife and Chris Kaag, owner of Corps Fitness and a former Marine Corps Sergeant. Corps Fitness is the local fitness facility where Kyle pushed his physical and mental limits regularly before his untimely death. It gives the opportunity for all Berks County 1st responders,Law enforcement, fire, prison and ems to partake in the physical benefits for a low monthly cost of $25 to get in better shape, to ensure they can perform their job and protect their brothers and sisters.

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